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Below is a summary of the rules that DnnBlogML will follow when exporting from DotNetNuke module Blog to BlogML format.
  • Blog settings: basic blog settings are exported to target format. Due to its limitations, advanced settings like comments policies are not exported however.
  • Authors: DNN blogs may have one only author, that is exported straightforward to the target format. The same author is used both for blog data and posts data.
  • Categories: the DNN module Blog uses child blogs to handle categories. When exporting to BlogML format, a category is created for each child blog. Posts belonging to each child blog are filed under the respective category.
  • Posts: Are exported, both published and unpublished.
  • Comments: Are exported. In Advanced settings, the user can select whether unapproved comments should be exported as well or not.
  • Trackbacks: the DNN module Blog handles trackbacks as normal comments, so trackbacks are exported as normal comments.
  • Attachments: are not yet exported. This will be supported in future.

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